What are the differences between power lithium batteries and energy storage lithium batteries?


Table of Contents

  1. Different battery capacities

For new batteries, use a discharge meter to test the battery capacity. Generally, the capacity of power lithium batteries is around 1000-1500mAh.

The capacity of energy storage lithium battery packs is above 2000mAh, and some can reach 3400mAh.

  1. Application industry

Power lithium batteries are used to drive power sources for electric vehicles, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electrical equipment and tools, and are used in power transmission and substations to provide closed current for power devices.

Energy storage lithium battery packs are mainly used in water, thermal, wind, solar and other energy storage power stations, peaking and frequency modulation power supply auxiliary services, digital products, power products, medical security, UPS power supplies, etc.

  1. The location of the battery management system BMS is different.

In energy storage systems, energy storage lithium batteries only interact with energy storage converters at high voltages. The converter takes power from the AC grid to charge the battery pack or the battery pack supplies power to the converter and passes through the power converter. The converter converts AC power and feeds it into the AC grid.

The BMS of electric vehicles has an energy exchange relationship with the electric motor and charger under high voltage.

  1. Different properties

Power lithium batteries refer to batteries that provide power for transportation, often associated with the small batteries that power portable electronic devices.

General energy storage lithium batteries are primary batteries that use lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material and use non-aqueous electrolytes, which are different from lithium-ion secondary batteries and lithium-ion polymer batteries.


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