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About US

Innovating Energy Storage Solutions for a Sustainable Future.
We are a leading company dedicated to innovative energy storage solutions, providing sustainable, efficient, and reliable energy solutions to our customers through advanced technology and dependable products.
Our mission is to drive the clean energy revolution, contribute to global energy transition, and create a brighter future for all.






Power Batteries

Auto Start Batteries

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Lithium Batteries
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Leading and participating in the formulation and revision of more than 50 national and industrial standards, covering major national and industrial standards such as lead-acid battery manufacturing, lithium battery manufacturing, and system integration


The battery is like a living entity,we produce them with uncompromised respect and dignity.


Advanced battery technology not only prolongs the operating time of the device, but also improves the cycle life and charge and discharge efficiency of the battery.

Fast Charging:

Fast charging technology allows us to regain sufficient power in a short period of time, saving charging time and improving efficiency.

Intelligent Management:

The ability to monitor and optimize energy consumption in real time ensures efficient use of the battery and extends its life.

Sustainable Technology:

The use of rechargeable batteries reduces the dependence on disposable batteries, reduces the negative impact of discarded batteries on the environment, and promotes the development of sustainable energy.

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