Passenger Vehicles Solutions

CNS Lithium provides safe and reliable battery product solutions for different usage scenarios of passenger cars, successfully supporting multiple mainstream domestic and foreign car companies. The product series covers all models in the market, helping passenger car companies upgrade their electrification.

BEV/PHEV Platform

xHEV Platform

Super Long Life

Super long life to meet the needs of different users.


BEV supports 60C+ pulse discharge, and HEV supports 60C+pulse discharge.


18min ultra-fast charging.

BEV/PHEV Platform

Diversified and all-round, safe and high-performance, creating more possibilities and achieving a better driving experience.

Pure electric vehicles (BEV)

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV)

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV)

Adaptation to all models, continuous iterative upgrades:

CNS's characteristic group technology can be adapted to A00-D-class vehicles, and the system scheme continues to be iteratively upgraded;The energy density of the LFP system is 160Wh/kg+, and the energy density of the NCM system is 200Wh/kg+.The performance is comprehensively improved, providing users with long-term battery life guarantee and upgrades Options.

Human-machine engineering-oriented battery system design

CNS is based on the human-machine friendly and customer-oriented design concept. The system elevation is 100mm~140mm, It conforms to the ergonomic design and provides users with a more comfortable driving space.

High integration efficiency and continuous improvement

With the increasing requirements of car companies for battery energy density, it has brought greater challenges to the efficiency of system grouping.CNS have unique large-module grouping technology,The grouping efficiency of the module is still as high as90%+ with the integrated cooling system,The grouping efficiency is as high as80%+.

Safe and stable, successful partner

The unique thermal runaway protection design,meet the national standard requirements for thermal runaway, the lightweight frame not only provides high-strength bottom protection, but also has excellent performance in side collision and frontal collision conditions, ensuring driving safety convoy.

xHEV Platform

Customized security and efficiency, break through the inherent definition, to achieve a different kind of freedom




The first generation of lithium battery 12V system

The innovatively developed high-power lithium battery is used to replace the 12V traditional lead-acid battery. Miniaturization, lightweighting,It has a built-in BMS. long designed life. Compatible with different architectures such as BEV/PHEV/HEV/48V vehicle. The system meets the ASIL B safety level, has excellent power performance, and can meet the requirements of continuous charging and discharging at room temperature of 5C and pulse of 10C.

Highly integrated and highly reliable battery BMS and DCDC integrated design; integrated active liquid cooling and high-efficiency heating membrane technology to meet all-weather operation requirements; matching the traditional fuel vehicle architecture, taking into account cost and utility. No need to charge, strong power, smoother start and acceleration.

High-power cell,60C+,Long cycle life,High power density, 7kW/kg+,High safety, low cost, excellent BMS control strategy, improve battery system safety and life;two types of air-cooled and liquid-cooled thermal management system product line, meets the needs of users in different scenarios.

Strong power, not afraid of cold weather

The material coating is lighter, the cell tabs is as thin as a cicada's wing, ultrahigh peak power, the charging and discharging are more freely, and with the efficient heat management system, regardless of the cold winter and the hot temperature the battery can have the capability as normal.

Small change, big effect

Tailor-made for traditional fuel vehicles, no need to take up additional space with 12V low-voltage lithium power increase in vehicle weight.smoother starting and acceleration.

Low fuel consumption, low emissions

The average fuel consumption of passenger cars in China has entered the era of 5L/100km. The 48V MHEV battery system redefines the start and stop, cruising and braking of vehicles. At all times, the fuel is fully burned and the engine runs efficiently. More economical and more environmentally friendly are achieved.

High safety, long life

Normal use aThe voltage is lower than the safety voltage of 60V, no need to worry about the risk of electricity, super long service life, there is no loss of performance, durable.t all weather.

CNS provides you with a comprehensive solution for lithium batteries.

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