R&D Capability

CNS Integrated R&D platform

CNS has convened a professional R&D team with strong scientific interdisciplinary background of electrochemistry, material science, mechanics, electronics, electricity

Basic Materials

Increasing investment in research and development of basic raw materials for batteries is not only crucial to ensure our continued technological leadership, cost control and quality control, but also to promote innovative development. By dedicating resources to research and development, we are breaking new ground in material synthesis, improving battery performance and efficiency, optimizing production processes, and exploring sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.


CNS has made important contributions to the scientific research capabilities of BMS. Through in-depth research and innovation, it has improved the intelligence level of BMS systems, accurate battery monitoring and management capabilities, and the accuracy of battery status prediction and fault diagnosis. The performance optimization, safety improvement and reliability guarantee of the battery system provide a solid scientific basis.

Battery Cells

With its excellent scientific research capabilities, CNS has always been at the forefront of promoting innovation and breakthroughs in battery technology. CNS is constantly exploring new ways to enhance battery performance, extend cycle life, improve safety features and increase energy storage capabilities. CNS develops high-performance, reliable batteries that meet the changing needs of various industries including electric vehicles, renewable energy storage and power.

R&D Team

CNS has a R&D team of 100+ high-tech personnel, focusing on innovative research and technology development in the battery field. Through in-depth scientific research and patent application, they promote the continuous progress and breakthrough of battery technology, and provide customers with high-performance and high-quality battery solutions.

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