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2.3V 60Ah LTO pouch battery cell

Lithium titanate battery is a lithium-ion battery with lithium titanate (LTO) as the negative electrode material. The product has superior performance and belongs to the new generation of high-end lithium battery products. Lithium titanate batteries have advantages such as high safety (spinel structured nano LTO), long cycle life (up to 20000 cycles), fast charging (peak charging rate up to 5C), fast discharging (peak discharge rate up to 10C), wider high and low temperature performance (-30 ºC -55 ºC), low temperature rise, etc. Moreover, the life cycle cost of lithium titanate batteries is much lower than that of traditional carbon negative electrode materials such as lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, ternary lithium, etc. on the market, which has the advantage of higher cost-effectiveness.

Our LTO battery, just as its name, use Lithium Titanate as raw material, the LTO material belongs to spinel structure, the charge  / discharge volume changed is very small , called ” zero strain ” material . This” zero strain ” performance can avoid structural damage caused by repeated expansion and contraction of the graphite layer , and improve the service life and the safety performance of the battery , also has excellent high C-rates and low temperature characteristics.  The SEI film is difficult to generate on the surface of LTO negative , with a high deintercalation electric potential ( about 1.55V ) , without safety accident risk lead by metal  lithium precipitation.

Compared with traditional materials of NMC and LFP , the LTO battery has the outstanding advantages in safety, cycle life and low temperature performance, its battery  products can be both energy storage and power supply system. such as electric buses, electric forklifts, traction electric vehicles, special devices, wind energy and solar energy storage, microgrid energy storage, traffic signals, wind and solar complementary street lights, UPS power sources, household/industrial energy storage, coal mines, disaster assistance emergency systems, weather radars, smart grids, communication base stations, hospitals, finance, telecommunications and other backup power systems, and other energy storage applications, as well as in military, shipping, aerospace and other fields.

Pouch 2.3V 60Ah battery cycle life is more than 20000 times at 100% DOD, widely used in all kinds of energy storage and power supply scenario.

UN38.3, MSDS, Specification, CB, Certificate for safe transport all available to make sure the smooth delivery.

It is 9 class goods, but we have own battery channel to arrange samples for our customers if they need.

Data sheet/specification/parameters:

LTO battery cell series
Model Nominal Capacity Nominal Voltage Weight Dimension Operating Temprature
2.3V/16Ah 16Ah 2.3V 650g+/-10 110*13.1*216mm -30—60
2.3V/20Ah 20Ah 2.3V 680g+/-10 135*14*165mm -30—60
2.3V/25Ah 25Ah 2.3V 880g+/-10 135*14*206mm -30—60
2.3V/26Ah 26Ah 2.3V 1080g+/-10 115.5*32.6*170mm -30—60
2.3V/60Ah 60Ah 2.3V 1750g+/-10 266*13*263mm -30—60

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