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Customized Lithium Battery Inspection and Disinfection Robot Electric Forklift 48V LiFePo4 Ii Battery Pack

Customized range
Structural style: Supports PVC/plastic/metal materials
Supports injection molding/hot pressing/sheet metal/stamping and other processes
Communication method: RS485 RS232 CAN UART One-line communication
Environmental characteristics: high temperature 80°C, low temperature -40°C charging and discharging waterproof and dustproof (IP6X) level flame retardant, explosion-proof (TI-T4) wide temperature lithium battery
Electrical characteristics: Anti-sparking function Charging without discharging Fast charge and discharge 0 volt charge Anti charger abuse
Support module series and parallel connection Regulated voltage output Active/Passive Balance low temperature heating

CNS provides you with a comprehensive solution for lithium batteries.

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