What industrial equipment can lithium batteries be used in?


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Most of your impressions of lithium batteries may be that they are used in electric vehicles and 3C digital devices. As a power battery, lithium batteries are currently the best choice. Lithium batteries also have great use value in industrial equipment. Especially with the improvement of living standards, both factories and enterprises have become strongly dependent on intelligent machine products.


Lithium batteries have the advantages of long life, good safety, high battery life, and high efficiency. In industrial machinery, they can better help machines operate flexibly and replace labor to complete work, saving labor costs, improving work efficiency, and increasing production output. . Widely used in special industries, medical care, warehousing, logistics, energy storage, intelligent manufacturing,


There are two main forms of shuttle vehicles in warehousing and logistics equipment: one is a shuttle vehicle-type entry and exit system and a shuttle vehicle-type warehousing system, which are used in many fields such as the shuttle service industry.


AGV car.

Lithium batteries can be used on AGV trolleys. AGV trolleys mainly load goods automatically or manually. The vehicle needs to move to the set designated location according to the set route, and then choose automatic or manual loading according to the situation. It is manual labor to load industrial vehicles.


Shuttle car.

There are two main forms of shuttle vehicles in warehousing and logistics equipment: one is the shuttle-type entry and exit system and the shuttle-type warehousing system, which uses trolleys running on fixed tracks in a reciprocating or looping manner to transport goods to designated locations or Connecting equipment; second, it is equipped with an intelligent sensing system that can automatically remember the origin position and an automatic deceleration system.


Industrial robot.

Industrial robots are multi-joint manipulators or multi-degree-of-freedom machine devices that are widely used in the industrial field. They have a certain degree of automation and can rely on their own power energy and control capabilities to achieve various industrial processing and manufacturing functions. Industrial robots are widely used in various industrial fields such as electronics, logistics, and chemical industry.




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