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Why do customized lithium batteries need protective plates?


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Customers will ask for a protective plate when customizing lithium batteries. Generally, if the customer does not mention it specifically, we will also guide the customer to add a protective plate. Is it necessary to add a protective plate to make this lithium battery? The reason why secondary lithium-ion batteries need protection is determined by their intrinsic characteristics.

Because the material of the lithium battery itself determines that it cannot be overcharged (overcharge of lithium batteries is prone to the risk of explosion), overdischarge (overdischarge of lithium batteries can easily cause damage to the battery core, cause battery core failure and cause the battery core to be scrapped), overcurrent (Overcurrent in lithium batteries can easily increase the temperature of the battery core, which may shorten the life of the battery core, or cause internal thermal runaway to cause the battery core to explode), short circuit (short circuit in lithium batteries can easily cause the temperature of the battery core to increase, causing thermal runaway inside the battery core) , leading to cell explosion) and ultra-high temperature charging and discharging, so the lithium battery pack always appears with a delicate protective board and a current fuse.

The function of the protective board is mainly to protect the battery core. When the battery voltage exceeds 4.2 V, the battery core will have side effects.Lithium batteries generally consist of cells, protective plates, casings, and auxiliary materials. Widely used in electric forklifts, electric bicycles and motorcycles, drones, unmanned ships, communication base stations and photovoltaic energy storage, as well as medical equipment, etc.

First of all, the protective board is an important part of the lithium battery. Its main function is to charge and discharge the parallel and series lithium batteries. When the battery is fully charged, it can ensure that the voltage value of each cell inside the battery remains consistent, thereby ensuring Every battery is fully charged. In addition, the protection board can also monitor the battery’s overcurrent, short circuit, overtemperature, overvoltage, etc.

Secondly, a short circuit of a lithium battery is very dangerous, because a short circuit will cause a large amount of current and a large amount of heat, which will greatly affect the life of the battery. A customized lithium battery protection board can immediately protect the battery when a large current occurs. Off so that no more power is supplied to the battery.

  • Overcharge protection: As the charging current of the lithium battery increases, the voltage will also increase. When the battery voltage exceeds the overcharge pressure threshold of the protective film, the protective film will cut off the power supply and stop charging.
  • Over-discharge protection: When the battery is discharged, the reduced voltage will also decrease. When the battery voltage is lower than the over-discharge voltage threshold of the protection board, the battery will stop discharging.
  • Overcurrent protection: When the battery charging and discharging reaches a certain current, it will stop. After the overcurrent protection occurs, the battery load will return to normal after the battery load is removed, and charging or discharging can be carried out again.

Therefore, for the safety and stability of lithium batteries, customers must keep charging and discharging within a certain voltage range before receiving the lithium batteries and using them with confidence. Therefore, a protective board must be added to monitor, manage and protect the lithium battery, which will help extend the cycle life of the lithium battery.


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