Nickel-metal hydride battery models


Table of Contents

1.AAAA battery

4A batteries, alias 9 batteries, the industry market 4A nickel metal hydride battery storage capacity of up to 350mAh. 41.5mm in height, 8.1mm in diameter, can be used in the surface such as computer pen.


2.AAA battery

3A batteries alias 7 batteries, the industry market 3A NiMH batteries storage capacity storage capacity in the 300~1000mAh before and after. Height 43mm, diameter 10.2mm, can be used in new energy equipment, electric shaver on some equipment.


3.AA battery

2A batteries alias 5 batteries, the industry market 2A nickel-metal hydride battery storage capacity range of 300 ~ 2500mAh before and after. Height 50mm, diameter 14.2mm, can be used in remote control, toys and other equipment.


4.A battery

Industry market 1A battery nickel-metal hydride battery storage capacity range around 2500mAh, there are divided into 17650, 17670, 18670 and other models.


5.SC battery

Industry market SC nickel-metal hydride battery storage capacity range before and after 2500mAh, height 43mm, radius 22.2mm, can be used in solar toys, lighting fixtures, miner’s lamps and other equipment.


6.C-type battery

C-type batteries alias 2 batteries, the industry market C-type nickel-metal hydride batteries storage capacity range from 3000 to 5000mAh, height 50mm, diameter 26mm, can be used in energy storage, lighting lamps and lanterns, flashlights, EPS emergency power supply and other equipment.


7.D-type battery

D-type batteries, also known as No. 1 batteries, industry market D-type nickel-metal hydride batteries storage capacity of 5000~10000mAh, height 60mm, diameter 33mm.


8.F-type battery

F type Ni-MH batteries have a storage capacity of 13,000~16,000mAh, height of 90mm, diameter of 33mm, and can be used in many fields of science and technology, such as home medical equipment, medical equipment and so on.


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