The correct use of lithium batteries


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How should lithium batteries be used to make them safer, more durable and have a longer life? What problems will occur with newly purchased lithium batteries? What do we need to pay attention to?

1.Should the newly purchased lithium battery be charged or discharged first? How to charge and discharge?

First perform a small current discharge (usually set to 1-2A), and then use a 1A current to perform charge and discharge cycles 2-3 times to activate the battery.

2.When the new battery was first used, the voltage was unbalanced. However, it returned to normal after being charged and discharged several times. What is the reason?

Although there is no problem with the individual cells in the battery pack, there will still be individual differences in self-discharge. It usually takes more than 3 months for a new battery to be delivered from the factory to the customer. During this time, the individual cells will The voltage will be different due to different self-discharge, so the voltage difference in the battery pack will become larger (i.e. unbalanced).

Currently, all chargers on the market have a charge balancing function, and general imbalances will be repaired by the charger during charging.

3.In what environment are lithium batteries stored?

Store in a cool and dry environment, room temperature 15-35℃, ambient humidity 65%

4.How long can a lithium battery be used? How many cycles can it normally be used? What factors are related to battery life?

Model aircraft lithium batteries can generally be used about 100 times.

Main factors affecting battery life:

(1) Temperature: Batteries cannot be used or stored in overheated environments (35°C);

(2) Charging and discharging: The battery pack cannot be overcharged and discharged, and the voltage of a single cell must be between 4.2-3.0V. The recovery voltage for high current operation should be guaranteed to be above 3.4V;

(3) Power: Choose a model with appropriate power to avoid forced use of the battery pack under overload conditions.

5.Does the new lithium battery need to be activated? What will be the impact if it is not activated?

New lithium batteries need to be activated. It usually takes more than 3 months for a new battery to arrive from the factory to the customer. The battery will be in a dormant state and is not suitable for high-intensity discharge immediately, otherwise it will affect the battery’s efficiency and performance. life.

6.Why can’t the new battery be charged?

The battery cell has zero power, the battery has high internal resistance, and the charger mode is incorrect.



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