The correct way to charge the lithium battery of AGV car in summer


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Industrial factories, smart manufacturing, logistics and warehousing have a very high usage rate of AGV trolleys. As a good helper in the transportation industry, AGV trolleys use their own advantages to help companies complete production work efficiently, and also allow companies to reduce production costs. Best choice. It has been well received in the industry.


Since the AGV car is an intelligent handling robot that requires high output for a long time, it will bear a very large load. As time and load increase, a short circuit will occur after the battery is discharged. Especially in summer, AGV cars have very high environmental requirements. How to keep AGV cars with high battery life in hot and high temperatures requires us to have the correct charging method for the lithium batteries of AGV cars.


AGV car lithium batteries generally use two types of batteries, namely ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Ternary lithium batteries have large capacity and can quickly release capacity during charging and discharging, while lithium iron phosphate batteries are ternary lithium batteries that use lead-acid as the main energy storage. They have high energy density, long cycle life and low environmental requirements. Due to its structural characteristics, the lithium iron phosphate battery is small in size, not easily damaged, has strong voltage resistance, and has a low thermal runaway coefficient. It is very suitable for use as an AGV car.


  1. The weather temperature is high in summer. When charging the AGV, try to charge at the vent. Because the increase in weather temperature and the heat generated inside the battery during charging can easily affect the damage of the lithium iron phosphate battery, so when charging,do not charge in a closed environment. It is better to charge in a vent.


  1. The use of original chargers is very important. Many users will purchase other unsuitable chargers after the charger is damaged or the connector is oxidized. Because the charger parameters are different from the battery parameters, it can easily cause the battery to age and become less durable.


  1. Fast charging. In recent years, many industrial equipment users choose to use fast charging because it can charge faster and improve usage efficiency. Although fast charging is good, it will not cause much harm after one or two uses, but long-term use will affect battery life.


  1. The charging method is recommended to follow the principle of shallow charging and shallow discharge. Charge with about 30% of the remaining power. When the power is full, turn off the power in time.




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