How to use lithium iron phosphate battery for sightseeing car?


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Lithium iron phosphate batteries are widely used in consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and energy storage products due to their excellent characteristics such as high open circuit voltage, high output power, no memory effect, low self-discharge, and fast charge and discharge speed. As the main power storage device for sightseeing cars, lithium batteries far exceed the performance of traditional lead-acid batteries and are also very popular among people. So, when choosing lithium iron phosphate batteries for sightseeing cars, how should they be used so that the lithium iron phosphate batteries can take advantage of their advantages and be safer and more durable?


1.Do not charge or discharge deeply. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have no memory. When using the batteries, many sightseeing car users often use up the power until it is completely exhausted (referring to the lower voltage protected by the protective board), and then charge it again. In the eyes of many people, , which is also a way to activate the battery. In the use of lithium batteries, we call the situation of running out of power and then recharging it deep charging and discharging.


2.Excessive current load can easily cause an internal short circuit in the lithium iron phosphate battery, thereby damaging the internal structure of the lithium battery and causing potential safety hazards to the circuit. Similarly, the same principle applies to the charger voltage during charging. Therefore, when using a charger, we should also pay attention to see if the charger is qualified and try to choose a high-quality charger.


3.Do not overcharge or discharge and do not charge or discharge with excessive current. This mainly happens when the lithium battery protection board is unreasonably designed and charged. Some sightseeing car users often like to charge the lithium battery for a while after it is fully charged, as if to make their equipment last longer. However, what most sightseeing car users do not know is that long-term overcharge and over-discharge This situation will cause serious damage and destruction to the performance of the lithium battery, and in severe cases, it may cause fire, explosion and other situations.


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